The Innovation That Turns Taking out the Trash Into a Treasure

The Innovation That Turns Taking out the Trash Into a Treasure

May 27, 2022

Rocket Equipment Innovation Turns Trash into Treasure

The Trash Rocket is perfecting the process of removing debris from the roof to the dumpster by offering an innovation that will have you asking, “Where has this been all my life?”

Heidi J. Ellsworth road trips across the country to visit with Rocket Equipment’s Scott Seaton and Tom Christner in Season 4, Episode 8 of the Roofing Road Trips podcast. The trio talks about how the Trash Rocket commercial-grade trash chute was designed to be a game changer for roofing companies.

The Trash Rocket offers a simple trash solution: an easier way to get the debris out of your site. An issue long plaguing the industry, the Trash Rocket is designed to cut down the wasted time you are spending on trying to set an old chute up and keeps you from ruining the landscaping in the process.

“It’s a trailer-mounted hydraulic boom with a chute on the top of it,” explains Scott. “Basically, there’s a lot of times you can’t get right next to the building and to get a chute up there or get the trash down into the dumpster. So, this was designed to pull up in the parking lot and then telescope up to the edge of the roof over top of grass, sidewalks, landscaping, whatever the case may be. And you just park the dumpster at the bottom.”

It is a simple way to eliminate the hassle, and homeowners to contactors alike are hugely satisfied with the invention. “HOA leadership likes the fact that there’s not going to be damage of the shrubbery. There’s not going to be damage to windows. There’s not going to be damage to the screens,” says Tom. “The sidewalks are going to be free of debris just because the fact is you can isolate this one space. And then also the contractors like the fact that they can take all the debris to one spot and get it to the dumpster or the dump trailer.”

Trash Rocket was designed by roofers, for roofers, which is part of what makes the design so ingenious. Roofers know what they need on a site, and that is innovations that help make the job faster, more cost-effective, something that can help reduce labor needs and increase customer satisfaction.” When you have a roofing company, you live it every day,” says Scott. “We designed this to do everything that we needed it to do.”

Listen to the entire podcast to learn more about how this tool can make a difference in your roofing business. 

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