Trash Rocket 3000 Highlighted in Roofing: The Industry’s Voice

Compact Telescoping Roof-to-Dumpster Disposal System

June 24, 2021

Rocket Equipment launches the Trash Rocket 3000, a self-supported telescoping debris disposal system designed for residential roofing companies. The product has been specifically engineered to elevate job performance, eliminate debris clean up and enhance safety on jobsites. The Trash Rocket 3000 is a smaller version of Rocket Equipment’s commercial grade Trash Rocket 3900. Trash Rocket 3000 (TR-3000) is a compact unit for easy transport and setup in most residential driveways. It is trailer mounted for easy towing and setup with a standard size truck.

The composition of the Trash Rocket provides durability and strength with its corrosion-resistant aluminum and high-density poly chute. The folding upper chute adjust to locations, rooflines, and landscapes. The Trash Rocket has adjustable outriggers to provide leveling and safety on uneven terrain. Designed to be positioned over standard size dumpsters or dump trailers, the TR-3000 requires zero extra steps in the tear off process. Additionally, the TR-3000 has a totally enclosed chute, which prevents roofing debris from missing the dumpster or damaging the homeowner’s property.

Rocket Equipment will debut the Trash Rocket 3000 during the 2021 International Roofing Expo, taking place August 10-12 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Scott Seaton, President and Founder of Rocket Equipment, roofing companies are constantly feeling the pressures to raise productivity and meet the demands and constraints of budgets.

“We provide solutions that not only give companies the ability to save time and money on projects but offer unparalleled protection for the employees and the properties on job sites. This design was engineered by specifically seeing a need in the field, as we are performing the jobs firsthand. For companies, what matters most is protecting their employees and scaling their businesses. For business and homeowners, it is about protecting their investments,” he said. “The Trash Rocket was a product built for roofing professionals, by roofing professionals.”

“We are driven by the desire to provide valuable solutions to contractors,” said Seaton. “Rocket Equipment is a company that prides itself on its craftsmanship, while offering solutions that deliver results on the job.”

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